Cree Bruins

  • Cree Bruins

    Stills in Flux II, (video still), 2 1/2 mnutes, 2012.

    Stills in Flux II
  • Cree Bruins

    Shelved, 35mm slides mounts and Plexiglas, variable, shelves 18 incehs, 2013.

  • Cree Bruins

    Black, Light and Color, 35mm film, photo clips and Plexiglas, 60 x 60 x 4 inches, 2013.

    Black, Light and Color

Artst Statement

The recent and rapid movement from film to digital photography has changed how we view our world and the pictures we produce. It is within this framework that I explore new possibilities to consider an 'image' through drawing, prints, video and installations. More specifically, I use common, often discarded or overlooked materials of photographic analog production to bring to light elements of space, time and memory to reclaim a medium that has all but faded into the past.


Reflecting (Then and Now) with Sarah Hollis Perry, May 1-Jyune 2, 2019
Drawn to Light, November 30, 2016-January 1, 2017
I Know Just What You're Saying, January 6-31, 2016
Drawn to Analog, February 4-March 1, 2015


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Cree Bruins Exhibits Photography-Inspired Installations, Prints, and Drawings at Kingston Gallery


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