2015-16 Emerging Artist

Greg Lookerse

Website: www.greglookerse.com

I am an interdisciplinary artist working in media from drawing to video. This allows me to intuitively discover the nature of the work through exploration. The diverse range of mediums and materials is a constant searching for something that will connect and resonate with my experience.

Because of this material diversity, my work focuses on the creation of situations where objects can be imbued with meaning through the performative similarities to religious and faith-based rituals. Whether my work is experienced in person, through documentation or as relics, I explore different connections through quiet contemplative actions.

I aim to create work that allows the viewer to calmly consider the relationships between actions and objects. Often the solemn nature of my work emphasizes the inevitable end of life. Like most religious rituals, the substance of life is held in contrast to death. I believe the richest experience of my work is in the quiet observation.

Greg Lookerse, Rockport Mass

Greg Lookerse, Rockport Mass, Communion Wafers, Birds, Icon of St. Francis of Assisi, 2014.

Greg Lookerse, Searching for a Honey Tree with Fear and Trembling

Greg Lookerse, Searching for a Honey Tree with Fear and Trembling, Honey, Back Brace, A Chair from a Catholic School, and Johannes de Silentio's Fear and Trembling, 2014.

Greg Lookerse, Praying for the Rain to Stop

Greg Lookerse, Praying for the Rain to Stop, Various books, 2014.

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