Kathleen Gerdon Archer

  • Kathleen Gerdon Archer

    Under the Sun, Polypropylene print mounted on white sintra with plexiglas, 40x25 inches, 2014.

    Under the Sun
  • Kathleen Gerdon Archer

    Quietness at Last, Polypropylene print mounted on white sintra with plexiglas, 20x40 inches, 2014.

    Quietness at Last
  • Kathleen Gerdon Archer

    Cycle of the stars, Polypropylene print mounted on white sintra with plexiglas, 16x24 inches, 2014.

    Geography 11

Artist Statement

These photographs are inspired by rock formations left by receding glaciers that once covered New England. As the thick ice slowly flowed, aggregations of minerals and detritus were compressed into rough seams and odd shapes under its weight. My work considers the accumulated effects of place, genetics and history on the individual and the family. I collect stones, seeds, family photographs and personal ephemera from a particular location. The collected elements are arranged in receptacles and frozen, layer by layer, to build conglomerate structures. After removal from the containers, I photograph the icy constructions at intervals, as they disintegrate. It is a constant surprise that these common elements, held together by such a fragile architecture, produce such intricate configurations of layer and content. The images I chose to produce in large format are those which, through their content, communicate the greatest personal meaning for me.'

Artist Bio

Kathleen Gerdon Archer is a Painter/Photographer and the former owner of White Bird Gallery at the Rocky Neck Art Colony in Gloucester, MA. Archer is a member of many arts organizations including: Kingston Gallery, Boston; Goetemann Artists Residency Program; Rocky Neck Art Colony; Copley Society of Boston; and Ten Webster Street Salon. Her work has been featured in international and regional shows including ACRV Italy, Kingston Gallery Boston, the Danforth Museum, the Carney Gallery at Regis College and the Griffin Museum of Photography.


Self Portrait: Carboniferous Period, March 30-May 1, 2016
I Know Just What You're Saying, January 6-31, 2016
Al Miner Selects: All Natural, September 2-27, 2015
Again and again, again and again, June 3-28, 2015
As Above, so Below, Feb 4 - Mar 1, 2015

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Kathleen Archer's Unexpected Means of Portraiture


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