2019 Exhibitions

Ann Wessmann: Gathering: An Homage

Ann Wessmann: Gathering: An Homage, October 30-December 1, 2019

Joan Baldwin: Solitary Confinement

Joan Baldwin: Solitary, October 30-December 1, 2019

Margaret Hart: Situated Becomings, October 2-27, 2019

Luanne E Witkowski: Same Not Same

Luanne E Witkowski: Same Not Same, October 2-27, 2019

Mary Lang: Here, nowhere else

Mary Lang: Here, nowhere else, September 4-29, 2019

Ilona Anderson: Invisible Mending

Ilona Anderson: Invisible Mending, September 4-29, 2019

Pinky Promise

Pinky Promise, August 14-25, 2019

Re:Figuring the Body

Re:Figuring the Body, July 3-August 11, 2019

Rhonda Smith: Oh That Beautiful Planet, What Have We Done?

Rhonda Smith: Oh That Beautiful Planet, What Have We Done? June 5-30, 2019

Conny Goelz Schmitt: Neverending Stories

Conny Goelz Schmitt: Neverending Stories, June 5-30, 2019

Lynda Schlosberg: Frequency Tuning

Lynda Schlosberg: Frequency Tuning, May 1-June 2, 2019

Cree Bruins & Sarah Hollis Perry: Reflecting (Then and Now), May 1-June 2, 2019

Jamal Thorne: Timestream Muckery

Jamal Thorne: Timestream Muckery, April 3-28, 2019

Julie Graham: Unexpected Places

Julie Graham: Unexpected Places, April 3-28, 2019

Jennifer Moses: Ghost not Ghost

Jennifer Moses: Ghost not Ghost, February 27-March 31, 2019

Chantal Zakari: Cogent Message

Chantal Zakari: Cogent Message, February 27-March 31, 2019

Hilary Tolan: Emerge

Hilary Tolan: Emerge, January 30-February 24, 2019

Emily Brodrick: What We Choose to Keep

Emily Brodrick: What We Choose to Keep, January 30-February 24, 2019

Elif Soyer: Daily

Elif Soyer: Daily, January 30-February 24, 2019

Kingston Associates: Pushing Forward

Kingston Associates: Pushing Forward, January 3-27, 2019

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