2020 Exhibitions

Chantal Zakari: Works in Progress, November 4-December 6, 2020

Margaret Hart: New Work, November 4-December 6, 2020

Bonnie Donohue: A THIN GREEN LINE: Borderlands

Bonnie Donohue: A THIN GREEN LINE: Borderlands, September 30-November 1, 2020

Lynda Schlosberg: Never Forgotten

Lynda Schlosberg: Never Forgotten, September 30-November 1, 2020

Cree Bruins: Drawn to Film

Cree Bruins: Drawn to Film, August 26-September 27, 2020

Yuri Shimojo: Unbroken Line

Yuri Shimojo: Unbroken Line, August 26-September 27, 2020

Jennifer Moses: Protest

Jennifer Moses: Protest, August 26-September 27, 2020

Kingston Associates: Repeat As Needed

Kingston Associates: Repeat As Needed, July 29-August 23, 2020

Rose Olson: Red Intrusion

Rose Olson: Rain and Sunshine, June 24-July 26, 2020

Jamal Thorne: Fragments and Lost Verses

Jamal Thorne: Fragments and Lost Verses, June 24-July 26, 2020

Erica Licea-Kane: Half Spaces

Erica Licea-Kane: Half Spaces, March 4-June 21, 2020

Susan Alport: Close Relations

Susan Alport: Close Relations, March 4-June 21, 2020

Mira Cantor: Under Siege

Mira Cantor: Under Siege, March 4-June 21, 2020

On-Kyeong: Embedment

On-Kyeong Seong: Embedment, February 5-March 1, 2020

Vaughn Sills: Inside Outside

Vaughn Sills: Inside Outside, February 5-March 1, 2020

Nat Martin: Studio Views

Nat Martin: Studio Views, January 2-February 2, 2020

Anne Sargent Walker: Can We Bear It

Anne Sargent Walker: Can We Near It, January 2-February 2, 2020

Susan Emmerson: Tears Along the Edge

Susan Emmerson: Tears Along the Edge, January 2-February 2, 2020


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