Nat Martin: All Is Well

March 31 - May 2, 2021
Opening Reception: (following socially distanced guidelines) Friday, April 2, 2021, 5:00-8:00 pm

  • Nat Martin

    The Cabin, animation, 2020.

    The Cabin
  • Nat Martin

    Town Reservoir, animation, 2020.

    Town Reservoir
  • Nat Martin

    2:05am, instant print, 2020.

  • Nat Martin

    4:12am, instant print, 2020.

  • Nat Martin

    1:33am, instant print, 2020.

  • Nat Martin

    4:32am, instant print, 2020.


Artist Page
Press Release
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Artist Statement

The title of this show comes from a fragment in one of my journals: "3:30am and all is well. I had been waking up in the night.

These are works from two small series that were created during quarantine. Both series are intended to appear like memories that have been retrieved from a nervous dream… and realized as tiny and journal-like moments.

As it was unclear if there would be in-person viewing, I essentially created this as an online show. I was particularly interested in how it displayed on a phone. I wanted to be able to send my show to loved ones via text message.

The instant prints were created using a Vivitar Slide Printer and a Daylab Copy System. They are printed on my last batch of FP- 100C, which is now out of production. They were created in two ways: by layering found art history slides, and by double exposing found photographic imagery using a Daylab Copy System.

I chose instant film for the series because of a famous quote from artist Dash Snow explaining that he had started bringing a polaroid on his wild nights so that he could remember what had happened the next day.

Fixture is a darkroom photogram of the light fixture that hovers above me while I sleep. It is a thick, cloudy glass in a 1960s style that has passively loomed over many, many sleeping occupants.

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