Kingston Members' Payment Page

Please note: Fees paid via PayPal/Credit Card automatically include an extra charge to help the gallery cover the processing fees. The rates shown reflect the total amount you will be charged.

Member Monthly Dues

Full Membership: $120 + $4 processing fee
Half Membership: $65 + $3 processing fee

You can pay one month at a time, or pay for several months at once. Always include the month (or months) you are paying for in the box below, and on the Shopping Cart page increase the quantity to the number of months you are paying for.

Member Type (select one):
For Month(s):

Solo Show Paid Listing and Advertising Fee (ANE & Artscope)

Standard Fee: $100 + $4 processing fee

Exhibiting Month & Year:

Center Gallery Fee for Full Members

$450 + $14 processing fee
Exhibiting Month & Year:

Member's Gallery Fee

$100 + $4 processing fee
Exhibiting Month & Year:

Artist Web Page Update

Other than initial posting upon acceptance of membership. Please contact Mary Lang to make any updates to your artist web page.

$40 + $2 processing fee