Anthony Falcetta

Instagram: @afalcetta

Artist Statement

My work uses a hybrid visual and material language to examine the shapes and seams holding my surroundings together. Observed and remembered details or colors provide a starting place—to be quickly transmuted and obscured as the painting progresses—yet these elements are never lost, as every painting decision surrenders to and shapes the next. For me, painting is both slow and spontaneous; it relies on practice, constant mental notekeeping, and a desire for structure, while the physical processes of painting allow for improvisational responses to change and the workings of chance. My recent work has been focused on construction and demolition: layers of forms and color are abstracted from my urban/suburban surroundings, brought to a state of balance or completeness, then torn down by scraping, abrading and otherwise trashing the surface. The resulting textures and ruins then serve as the basis for rebuilding the piece in a new direction.

Anthony Falcetta, heavy water

Anthony Falcetta, heavy water, acrylic/mixed media on canvas, 32 x 24 inches, 2018.

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