Brian Littlefield


I am interested in the multivalent ambiguities of abstraction.

My abstractions are not mathematical but more from nature.

Abstraction allows an openness of reference to many diverse sources. Drawings begin with structural ideas but without a predetermined image. The process is exploratory and often non- sequential, incorporating observation, memory, and imagination. Each starting point has infinite possibilities and limitations. I use abstraction as a means to contemplate the world around me.

Drawing fosters a direct approach. Charcoal is equally malleable and stubborn, delicate and inelegant, definite and imprecise. Marks and smudges are asked to give integrity to the observation of small things.


Smaller, November 3-28, 2021

Press + Media

Whitcomb, Robert, 'Ambiguities of abstraction.' New England Diary, September 25, 2021.
Smaller, Press Release, September 10, 2021.

Brian Littlefield, Untitled

Brian Littlefield, Untitled, charcoal on paper, 44 x 30 inches, 2016.

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