Chantal Zakari

  • Chantal Zakari

    Strategic Plan, installation at Kingston Gallery, nylon appliqué gonfalon, 50 x 60 inches, 2018.

    Strategic Plan
  • Chantal Zakari

    Leadership Workshop, nylon appliqué gonfalon, 40 x 50 inches, 2018.

    Leadership Workshop
  • Chantal Zakari

    Competitive Landscape, digitally printed felt pennant, 18 x 40 inches, 2018.

    Competitive Landscape
  • Chantal Zakari

    Funded Growth Through Debt, appliqué gonfalon, 24 x 65 inches, 2018.

    Funded Growth Through Debt
  • Chantal Zakari

    SWOT, woven fine detailed patch, 6 inches, 2018.

  • Chantal Zakari

    A Catalog of Flags For Academic Strategic Planning, (inside spread featuring Leadership Workshop) artist's publication/photo-book, 20 pages, digital press, 8.25 x 11 inches, 2018.

    A Catalog of Flags For Academic Strategic Planning
  • Chantal Zakari

    Shelter in Plates, (in collaboration with Mike Mandel), six stoneware plates, 10.5 inches each, 2013.

    Shelter in Plates
  • Chantal Zakari

    Studio FotoGul, from 7 Turkish Artists: Mike Mandel & Chantal Zakari, (in collaboration with Mike Mandel), framed images, 5 x 7 inches each, 2011.

    Studio FotoGul, from 7 Turkish Artists: Mike Mandel & Chantal Zakari
  • Chantal Zakari

    Suzy, from webAffairs, installation at GASP gallery Boston, mosaic ceramic tile mural with video insert, 12 x 13 feet, 2005.

    Suzy, from webAffairs

Artist Statement

In my work I draw upon contemporary social issues by making connections with personal narratives, history, and popular culture. I am inspired by social phenomena and constantly try to position myself in relationship to a public or a sub-culture. In my studio practice I freely combine research methodologies and artistic strategies borrowed from various disciplines such as photography, documentary, performance, storytelling, installation, graphic design, and social interventions.

With my partner and husband Mike Mandel, I actively interract with the media as part of the work. Often the project culminates in an artist's publication. The book format allows me to develop an idea in much greater detail and create dialogues outside art establishments where it can reach a wider audience. Text and language is an inherent part of my work; interviews, personal narrative, found text, contextualizes the imagery.

Artist Bio

Chantal Zakari is an artist, designer and educator; a Turkish-Levantine now residing in the Boston area. With her husband and studio partner Mike Mandel she has self-published several artist's books under the imprint Eighteen Publications: The Turk & The Jew (1997), webAffairs (2005), Taxi Rides (2009), The State of Ata (2010), They Came to Baghdad (2012), and most recently Lockdown Archive (2015). Her work is represented in: Yale University Art of the Book Collection, Brooklyn Museum of Art, The Getty Research Institute Library, The Kinsey Institute Library, Institute of Network Cultures in Amsterdam and the Addison Gallery of American Art. Chantal has also had solo shows in Boston, Baltimore, Atlanta, Los Angeles as well as Izmir and Ankara, Turkey. She has been invited to speak nationally and internationally in Canada, the Netherlands, U.K. and Turkey. She is currently a professor of the Practice at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston at Tufts University.

Work available on Artsy


The Bookshop is open, December 1, 2021-January 16, 2022
Anthropocene Vegetations, group show on Artsy, September 1-28, 2021
Troubled Landscapes, group show on Artsy, June 1-30, 2021
Power, Bodies, group show on Artsy, May 3-31, 2021
Layers of Memory, group show on Artsy, January 20-February 28, 2021
A Work in Progress, November 4-December 6, 2020
Figuratively Speaking, group show on Artsy, June 24-July 31, 2020
A New Poignancy, group show on Artsy, April 3-18, 2020
Cogent Message, February 27-March 31, 2019
Strategic Planning, January 3-28, 2018
Relay, January 4-29, 2017

Press + Media

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