2021-2022 Emerging Artist

Meagan Hepp


  • Meagan Hepp

    Shimmer, daytime, ribbon created from plastic water bottles, wooden frame, spray paint, house paint, 36 x 25 x 30 inches, 2020.

    Shimmer, daytime
  • Meagan Hepp

    Shimmer, nighttime, ribbon created from plastic water bottles, wooden frame, spray paint, house paint, solar lights, 36 x 25 x 30 inches, 2020.

    Shimmer, nighttime
  • Meagan Hepp

    The Holy Trinity, mixed media sculpture, size variable, 2019-2020.

    The Holy Trinity
  • Meagan Hepp

    Adora, mixed media wearable sculpture, size variable, 2021.

  • Meagan Hepp

    Oudoorp, Nautili Wood, Tonka, mixed media wearable sculpture, size variable, 2021.

    Oudoorp, Nautili Wood, Tonka
  • Meagan Hepp

    Goodbye Burl, plywood, flocking/ resin mixture, plastics, woven thread, foam, acryla-gouache, 6 x 4 x 8 inches, 2020.

    Goodbye Burl
  • Meagan Hepp

    Companions (installation view, Shelter in Place Gallery), mixed media sculpture, size variable, 2020.

    Companions, installation view
  • Meagan Hepp

    Disco Balls, watercolor, ink, acryla-gouache, 10 x 7 inches, 2021.

    ~disco balls~
  • Meagan Hepp

    Disco Ball Bunch, watercolor, ink, acryla-gouache, 7 x 10 inches, 2021.

    Disco Ball Bunch

Companions Statement

Although started before the pandemic, the Companions series took on a life of its own during the isolating time of the COVID-19 crisis. Finding myself suddenly cut off from my social networks and communities, I felt myself thinking about my sculptures as company. These Companions are like friends to me. I need them all, and for different reasons: some are for color, some are for texture, some are just for comfort.

Through a process that balances advance planning, with chance, my work acts as a catalyst for regimented chaos. Each Companion is made from a base of flocking and resin. I then combine Plywood and other recycled materials taken from my everyday life—like a 3-dimensional puzzle—to give each sculpture a distinct personality. By juxtaposing the geometry of the plywood and organic fluidity of the resin/flocking mixture, these sculptures end up taking on a life of their own, often unexpected from the start of their conception.

Disco Balls Statement

My disco ball paintings similarly respond to the isolation of the pandemic, as my Companions series. These images are all about the organization—or rather disorganization—of the colored light refracting from the many disco balls I have hanging in my living room / home studio. Through these images, the stale space of the studio is reflected and refreshed with ever-changing variations. In this way, my aesthetic concerns merge with my emotional ones: using the playful relationship of color, light, and texture to fill and invigorate the social and physical spaces that the pandemic has denied us.

Artist Bio

Meagan Hepp is a Boston based artist and educator. They teach a variety of classes at Suffolk University, including Sculptural Thinking, Three-Dimensional Design, and Contemporary Trends and Practice. In addition to teaching at Suffolk University, Meagan also runs the Ceramics Studio at Brookline Arts Center in Brookline, MA and is the Studio Manager for Harries-Héder, a Cambridge based public art team. Meagan serves on TransCultural Exchange's Board of Trustees, as well as the Governing Board of Catalyst Conversations, a non-profit dedicated to the dialogue between art and science.

As an artist, Meagan's most recent solo show was at Shelter in Place Gallery, a miniature gallery created as a solution to the pandemic. The original Shelter in Place Gallery is now on view and owned by the MFA, Boston. Hepp's first solo public art piece, Shimmer, was on view at Monmouth Park in Brookline, MA in the warmer months of 2020. They are currently the emerging artist for Kingston Gallery.

Website: www.meaganhepp.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/meagan.hepp.art
Facebook: www.facebook.com/meagan.hepp.art

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