Luanne E Witkowski

  • Luanne E Witkowski

    Grounded, mixed traditional and non-traditional materials on panel, 2018.

  • Luanne E Witkowski

    Groundwork, mixed traditional and non-traditional materials on panel, 24 x18 inches, 2018.

  • Luanne E Witkowski

    Grounding, mixed traditional and non-traditional materials on panel, 23.5 x10 inches, 2018.

  • Luanne E Witkowski

    (Un)intentional, mixed traditional and non-traditional materials on panel, 24 x 18 inches, 2018.

  • Luanne E Witkowski

    Intentional, mixed traditional and non-traditional materials on panel, 23 x 10 inches, 2018.

  • Luanne E Witkowski

    Intentionally, mixed traditional and non-traditional materials on panel, 48 x 14 inches, 2018.

  • Luanne E Witkowski & Denise Marika

    Strata (detail), video projection, plywood, sand, 39.5 x 64 x .75 inches, 2018.

    Strata (detail)
  • Luanne E Witkowski & Denise Marika

    Strata, video projection, plywood, sand, 39.5 x 64 x .75 inches, 2018.


Artist Statement


We are all collaborators. Art is a response to the world around and within us. Whether presenting a semblance of reality or a study of patterns repeated and recalled, the relationships are interwoven. Nature's handiwork impresses and informs all matter–present and passed, permanent and ephemeral, physical and virtual. Layers of materials and memories create perceptual and spiritual relationships that serve as a locus for grounding, recognition, and solace. Using clay, sand, shell, wood, plastics, resins, and pigments, each piece layers and abstracts traditional and non-traditional mediums bringing the place from which they came into the work. Witkowski explores the interaction and juxtaposition of materials to recall the shared experiences grounded in each of us.

Artist Bio

Luanne E Witkowski is an artist working in a wide range of media and reflective social practice. Her works are in collections throughout the United States and abroad. She has been a member of the Kingston Gallery in Boston since 2005 and is affiliated with Hutson Gallery and AMP Gallery in Provincetown. Her organization affiliations include the United South End Artists, Mission Hill Artist Collective, and the Provincetown Art Association and Museum. Witkowski is a recipient of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Lifetime Achievement in Art & Commerce Commendation.

In addition to her studio practice, she is the Communication Design Studio manager, adjunct faculty, and LR-MFA Mentor at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She teaches Creative Thinking in the Critical & Creative Thinking (CCT) graduate program at the University of Massachusetts-Boston.

Work available on Artsy


Anthropocene Vegetations, group show on Artsy, September 1-28, 2021
On the Surface, group show on Artsy, April 1-30, 2021
Off The Wall, group show on Artsy, March 1-31, 2021
Transformations, group show on Artsy, May 28-June 18, 2020
Same Not Same, October 2-27, 2019
, September 5-30, 2018

Burning Desire, April 5-30, 2017
Relay, January 4-29, 2017
New Observations, March 30-May 1, 2016
I Know Just What You're Saying, January 6-31, 2016
IV, January 2 - February 2, 2014
PLACE, October 31–December 2, 2012
XXX: Kingston Gallery Annual Members' Exhibition Thirty Years as an Artist Run Galler, September 5–30, 2012
LOST + FOUND, November 2-27, 2011
Kingston Gallery Annual Members' Exhibition, August 31-October 2, 2011

Press + Media

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Luanne E Witkowski and Denise Marika in STRATA (Update)
Luanne E Witkowski Illuminates Presence in New Observations, a Solo Exhibition at Kingston Gallery
Kingston Blog: Painting Place: Luanne E Witkowski


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