Veronica A Pérez: untitled

January 3-28, 2018
Opening Reception: Friday, January 12, 2018, 5:00-8:00 pm

  • Veronica A Pérez

    saudade, hair, steel, mortar, fake flower, 8 x 15 x 5 inches, 2017.

  • Veronica A Pérez

    Blonde, hair, 24 x 15 x 7 inches, 2017.

  • Veronica A Pérez

    Blonde (detail), hair, 24 x 15 x 7 inches, 2017.

    Blonde (detail)
  • Veronica A Pérez

    Brown, hair, 12 x 7 x 5 inches, 2017.


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Press Release

Words are what they are. They are used to define and suggest. To confuse and confound. However, words become lacking in their ability to convey/confess certain emotions such as displacement, discomfort and desire to belong. I am using material as language to convey this.

These materials become the vehicle through which the unknown becomes understandable. Hair pours out of metal, as it hangs limply over the side. Metal is overtaken by hair—it seeps out of the walls in an effort to claim its space. This becomes the silent confrontation pouring out of this hard material. No matter the density of materials, hair snakes its way through using the tiniest of strands. Like a spider spinning her web, these wall pieces become the part that catches its prey.

The combination of the materials speaks to the disruption of both. The kitsch along with the vapid construction materials, both casts offs of industry, work in tandem and fight at the same time. It becomes remains of an experience. The familiar becomes strange and then familiar again. It's déjà vu—vacillating between knowing and not knowing.

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