Jamal Thorne: Fragments and Lost Verses

June 24 - July 26, 2020

  • Jamal Thorne

    Untitled #26, mixed media on paper, 2020.

    Untitled #26
  • Jamal Thorne

    Untitled #26, mixed media on paper, 2020.

    Untitled #26

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Press Release
McQuaid, Cate. "What's Happening (digitally) in the arts world." The Boston Globe, July 2, 2020.

Artist Statement

I am not the son of Sha Clack Clack.
I am before that. I am before before.
Before death is eternity. After death is eternity.
There is no death there's only eternity.
And I be ridin on the wings of eternity, like...yah, yah, Sha Clack Clack

—Saul Williams

To me, time means everything, but it also means nothing. Sometimes you don't know who you were until you've grown up and had time to look back with wiser eyes. In this new body of work new material and content will be built on top of early experiments from 2012. I'll be bringing new knowledge of purpose and understanding to these unresolved works. The theme of using layers of tape, paint, and imagery as a metaphor for the passage of time is still prevalent, but the contours of the work have moved away from the rectangular frame. The final shape of each collage is determined by the process that is applied to complete the work. Each piece develops a personality and the will to explore space outside of the rectangle as new layers of tape and paint are added.

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