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Whistling in the Dark

Current Exhibition
July 28-August 29, 2021
Opening Reception: Friday, August 6, 2021, 5-8 pm

Whistling in the Dark

Disturbing the Peace

Current Online Artsy Exhibition
July 26-August 31, 2021

Disturbing the Peace
Curated by Judith Brassard Brown

This online show accompanies Kingston's current (or recent, etc) in-person exhibition, "Whistling in the Dark" ; and includes Kingston artists who work to make voices heard, affect hearts and minds, respond to long-standing inequities in our communities. "Most of us, no matter what we say, are walking in the dark, whistling in the dark. Nobody knows what is going to happen to him from one moment to the next, or how one will bear it. This is irreducible. And it's true of everybody. Now, it is true that the nature of society is to create, among its citizens, an illusion of safety; but it is also absolutely true that the safety is always necessarily an illusion. Artists are here to disturb the peace." —James Baldwin. Interview with Studs Terkel, Conversation with James Baldwin, University Press of Mississippi (1989).

Artist include:Judith Brassard Brown, Mira Cantor, Bonnie Donohue, Susan Geer Emerson, and Margaret Hart.

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